Back Again, For the Third Time


itsCamilleK is back for the 3rd time technically. My first go 'round was with the blog JealousReigns. The second was a revamp into self branding with itsCamilleK and now after a year hiatus, itsCamilleK is back. For some reason I found it hard to believe that my content was paid attention to let alone read. Let's be honest, we don't read as much as we should, do we? But what I have found is a newly generated confidence and also the understanding that great visuals along with relatable fashion/style with some good tips and tricks for my readers will keep this personal style blog a float. Thank you to everyone who has said a kind word, scolded me in starting yet again and consistently asked when the blog was coming back. Welp. Here it is and I'm more excited than ever. Stay tuned for some good stuff!!!