I Completely Lost It!

I completely lost my shit! No really, I lost it. All of it. I lost all of my old blog content and sometimes I am tempted to burst into tears because of it. If you followed my blog about a year ago before my hiatus you may have seen the above looks and the blog posts that corresponded to each. Well, it’s gone; never to be found again.

Initially, I was so frustrated because my idea was to simply pick right back up where I left off. But lately, I have been trying my best to look at the positive in every not so positive situation I encounter. Let’s be realistic, shit happens and right when we least expect it but it’s about how we respond that builds our character. So after a quick panic session I decided that me being an idiot and not backing up or saving my old content meant that I was supposed to start fresh. And so I did.

During the time I took off from blogging, I brainstormed. I wanted to create or expand upon my vision for this fashion/lifestyle blog. I made it clear to myself that I only wanted to dish out content that represented me. This is ME. These are the things that I wear. These are my thoughts on personal style. This is my style, elevated. I’m super comfortable with how I choose to put myself together and I hope that you all can see that and read that in each post I publish.

I also want to engage more with my readers. What would you like to see? Maybe a question/answer section? Are there specific topics you are looking for me to address? Let me know. This blog isn’t only for me to express myself but I also expect to be inspired by all of you. Let’s chat about it.

So if you happen to be wondering where the hell my old posts are…they gone chile! But I have made it a point to put some of my past popular looks up in my Lookbook. Check it out.



All Photos by: Kaye McCoy